Javascript Word HTML Cleaner v1.1

This script is designed to clean the html that word outputs of all the extraneous tags that tend to mess up inserting it into a webpage. To use it, save a word document as a web page, and change the type to 'html filtered'. Then copy the source code of the outputted page into the box below. Click 'Clean' to start the conversion process. The cleaned source code will appear in the second box, and a preview of what it looks like will be displayed in the page below.

Please be aware that this cleaner is not perfect, and cannot fix everything that is wrong with word's html. It will attempt to recognize lists and convert them, but this conversion is not perfect and can be fouled up if a list item consists of more than one paragraph. Because the converter does not actually know how the document looks in word, it simply removes all the useless tags and attributes, which unfortunately in some cases makes the document not look the way you intended. Some editing will probably be required after the conversion is complete.

This cleaner has absolutely no warranty, without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Depending on the size of the file, the conversion could take awhile.